Pit Stop, Please

Driving out to the Hamptons each weekend is a punishing endeavor.  For one, the air conditioner in our car is broken.  And then there's the bumper to bumper traffic.  And then there's the radio.  (Seriously can someone invent a good radio station that is broadcast on a regular FM channel?)  Generally Jack snuggles up with his lion and sleeps most of the way, Rosie curled up on the seat next to him.  But there is a point in the trip when the wailing begins, which in turn makes Rosie start whining.  The two of them are (loudly) expressing the inner angst that we adults are trying to ignore, and suddenly our family is in chaos.  Last week in a moment of real desperation (the wailing and whining were at a peak) we pulled into the Wolffer Wine Stand on our way into town.  "I'll take the two of them for a walk.  You grab some bottles of rose for the weekend."  But when we took Jack out of the car and he burst into the world's biggest smile, relieved to be out of that damn seat, we couldn't help letting the pit stop linger.  Rosie ran around with some other dog visitors and Jack practiced his first steps on the grass.  He chomped on crackers and stinky cheese with this four teeth.  Pete and I enjoyed a cheese plate and I had some sparkling rose cider, the perfect antidote to frayed mommy nerves.

We're headed back to Wolffer today in celebration of our pals Robbie and Tiler, who will be tying the knot this Sunday.  I can't believe the week is here.  

In unrelated news, I loved reading this article about things learned from Thomas Keller in the twenty years since French Laundry opened.  Not only do I love a hyper-organized, clever man, but the anecdotes taught me something about leadership: being calm, being an effective teacher, and doting a little on the people you lead.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my weddiquette column over at Town & Country in the next couple of days!