Summer Vacation

Today we are heading off for a week in the Hamptons full of ripe peaches, juicy tomatoes and endless beachtime.  We visisted my grandmother yesterday, where I camped out for a month after Jack was born.  Yesterday Jack tottered around the brick patio trying trying to water all of the plantings with Grammy's watering can.  A year ago he was lying on the brick wall, swaddled and sleeping in a moses basket.  This year he was trying to climb over it. 

Our vacation is sure to be boring, in the most glorious way.  We'll be fitting in our last few bottles of rose before the season ends, playing in the now-warm-enough ocean and kissing Jack at least 500 times a day.

If you missed it, you have to check out this video of Jack, whose favorite new activity is cleaning the floors with a rag and a spray bottle.  Like father, like son.

I hope the last days of your summer are sweet.


PS - Not pictured in the photo above: the glass of rose that Jacky spilled all over lap just before this photo was taken.  Motherhood!  Go with it!

My giggling guys.